Additional Leadership

Deacons: Our current deacons are Alan Ainsworth, Isaac Brohinsky, John Freeman, Clancy Houston, Kyle Keith, Earl Olson, Mark Veitch, and Chris Ziegler.

Worship Team: Our worship team is made up of vocalists, instrumentalists, and technical assistants, including Bethany Brohinsky, Isaac Brohinsky, Katherine Brooke, Priscilla Brooke, Thomas Brooke, Ashly Clarke, Russ Clarke, Aaron Gray, Debbie Gray, John Jones, Rebecca Lester, Jason Lucker, Sher Mitchell, Nanci Murphree, Nate and Tracey Potratz, and Jonathan Roueche. (Don’t worry, they aren’t all on the platform at once.)

4541 Shirley Ave., Suite 8
Jacksonville, FL 32210

(located in the Riverside Village Shopping Center)

Phone: 904-388-5117

If you would rather email us please feel free to do so.