10:15a Worship Service

In this service we worship God through our gathering, our singing, our praying, our giving and our listening. In each of these areas we focus — as a community — on God and his love and grace for all.

In our worship through song, we consciously draw on the musical history of the church. We sing the traditional hymns of the faith as well as the worship music of today. Our primary musical goal is to inspire and support heartfelt congregational singing for the glory of God and the encouragement of each other. We take great joy in singing together.

In our worship through listening, we usually study a passage of either the Old or New Testament in order to understand it in its linguistic, historical and cultural context. Each week we strive to understand what the text means and how it should impact the way we live.

This Sunday

Our worship service at church will be held this Sunday at 10:15a. We will continue to livestream the service on Facebook Live for those who are not able to be with us.

This Sunday we will be singing:

  • All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name

  • To Christ the Lord

  • The Lord is My Salvation

  • God, the Uncreated One

Listen to our song playlist here.

Sunday Schools

Although we do many things in mixed-age groups, our Sunday morning classes are divided by age and interest.

9:10a Children’s Sunday Schools

Our children’s and youth classes meet from 9:10a to 10:00a. In our Kindergarten through 6th grade classes our children will be learning simple stories from the Bible to help them understand God and His love for them.

9:15a Adult Bible Studies

We typically have two or more adult classes which meet from 9:15a to 10:00a. One class, held in the main room, usually focuses on a book of the Old or New Testament, and is structured to cover a manageable portion of scripture in an interactive lecture format. While the leader has responsibility for teaching the passage, there is plenty of opportunity for discussion and questions.

There is usually a concurrent women’s discussion class which centers on the study of a Christian book and serves as a place of fellowship and prayer.

Children's Church

We currently offer Children’s Church classes for Pre-K and K-3rd during our church service.

We have temporarily suspended nursery. 

In our Pre-K Children’s Church, we teach our children about God through specific stories in the Bible from the Gospel Project curriculum. Our kids will hear Bible stories, sing songs, make crafts, and learn to pray together. Come bring your little ones to join the fun!

In our K-3rd Children’s Church our kids learn the whole story of the Bible through the Gospel Project curriculum. This curriculum tells the stories of both the Old and New Testaments in ways that point the children to Jesus. Our hope is for our children to have an understanding of the big picture of God’s Word, and how it shows us how deeply He loves and cares for each of us through Jesus Christ. We hope you’ll bring your children to sing songs, hear Bible stories, play games, and learn about God’s love for them!

We would be pleased to have you worship with us this Sunday.